Into The Quiet

Book Series

This book is a gentle reminder of the life-changing mental shifts I’ve undergone over the past few years; a representation of how far I’ve come in my journey. This project has given me the chance to finally pause and deeply appreciate where I am now.

I chose to focus solely on natural subjects. This is partly due to how nature is essential in helping me maintain my sense of peace and mystery in such a busy world. These quiet spaces are my sanctuary where I feel safe enough to embody my truest self.

Moving from black and white images to richer greens and earthier tones, illustrates the transitions that took place within me. For a long time I felt numb to the world. As I have healed, continuing to confront my mental health, the more alive I’ve started to feel. The gratitude I have for life, as I slowly open back up to it again, has been beautiful to experience.

Although this book is more of a personal reflection, I hope that it provides you the opportunity to slow down and pause; to also find peace and stillness within its pages.