From Ashes

This small body of work forms part of a documentary project I did in 2021. I looked at the aftermath of the Cape Town fires on a section of the mountain just above Newlands. The concept of rebirth, after a painful death, was what fuelled these images. I would say that this series marks the beginning of what will likely be an ongoing exploration into the vulnerability we face during transformation. Using myself in the images was strangely both daunting and liberating. It speaks to my own inner battle to transform and shed my less confident self. Like the vegetation on the mountain, we too have the possibility to regrow and take shape from the ashes of the layers that no longer fit us. Deciding to confront ourselves, and to break away from comfortability, can be scary at times. It takes tremendous courage but, in doing so, can be unbelievably rewarding. Growth is beautiful if you’re willing to let go of who you think you are.